Cooperation with the web portal

In April 2013, we started a cooperation with a web portal called Now we will answer all the questions requiring legal consultation which are asked by the readers of the above-mentioned web portal. All the published questions and answers will be available at in section Legal Advice

Legal guard­i­an for com­pan­ies

Between 2010 and 2013 the legal advisor Piotr Mazurkiewicz was a candidate for legal guardian appointed according to the regulations of the National Court Register. It is a very important and honourable mention for us because the register only consists of people with appropriate qualifications. What does this mean for our clients?
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Pro Bono

In Decem­ber we took part in de­liv­er­­ing free leg­al ad­vice to people af­­fec­ted by crim­in­al of­fences. Dur­ing this cam­paign we were sup­­port­ing the be­ne­fi­­ciar­ies of Lubuskie As­so­­ci­a­tion for Wo­­men BABA and Ass­ist­ance Centre for People Af­­fec­ted by Crim­in­al Of­fence.

Change of our head of­fice

With every year our leg­al of­fice is ex­­pand­ing more and more. The range of ser­­vices we provide is grow­ing and there­­fore the num­ber of sat­is­fied cli­ents in­­creases. Un­­for­tu­n­ately, our premises are not large enough, so we need to find a new place for all our pos­ses­­sions. That is why we de­­cided to re-­­locate and from the 1st August we are mov­ing to a lar­ger of­fice at A. Mick­­iewicz street.
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Class ac­­tion

On July 19th a new law was en­­ac­ted con­­­cern­ing vin­dic­a­­tions of claims in group pro­ceed­ings which is com­­monly named as a class ac­­tion law­­suit. Con­sequently, we now of­fer ex­­pan­ded pro­vi­­sion re­gard­ing this area of leg­al ser­­vices. A class ac­­tion is a very use­­ful tool which gives the con­­sumers equal op­­por­­tun­­it­ies to battle against big com­pan­ies or cor­­por­a­­tions.
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”Blue Um­brel­la” 2010

Between 19th and 26th April, the Na­­tion­al Cham­ber of Legal Ad­visors will or­­gan­ise a so-c­alled ”Blue Week” held as a part of the “Blue Um­brel­la” cam­paign. With­in this cam­paign, which will take place in the headquar­ters of the Dis­trict Cham­ber of Legal Ad­visors in Zielona Góra at ul. Pio­tr Skarga 10, free leg­al ad­vice will be provided.
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E-Court – Elec­tron­ic Pro­ceed­ings

The Legal Of­fice star­ted de­liv­er­­ing ser­­vices be­­fore the so-c­alled E-Court, al­­most from the very mo­­ment when the leg­al art­icles re­gard­ing elec­tron­ic writ-of-pay­­ment pro­ceed­ings came in­­to ef­­fect. These sort of pro­ceed­ings, ac­­cord­ing to the le­­gis­lat­or’s as­­sump­­tion, should be faster and less ex­­pens­ive in com­­par­is­on to the stand­ard civil pro­ceed­ings. Elec­tron­ic writ-of-pay­­ment pro­ceed­ings were in­­tro­­duced to The Civil Pro­ced­ure Code as an­­oth­er sep­ar­ate pro­ced­ure and they are op­­tion­al.
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