Most people raise re­mu­n­er­­a­­tion is­sues at the very end of the dis­­­cus­­sion and many cli­ents do not know how to start a con­­ver­­sa­­tion on this sub­­ject, when in ac­tu­al fact it is not a ta­­boo sub­­ject. It is vir­tu­ally im­­possible to es­­t­ab­l­ish the value of the re­mu­n­er­­a­­tion without mak­ing one­­self ac­quain­ted with the case. Never­­the­­less, we have made an ef­­fort to meet our cli­ent­s’ needs and we have pre­­pared var­i­ous ac­­counts mod­­els (you can find a thor­ough de­scrip­­tion of each mod­­el be­low). However, the amount of re­mu­n­er­­a­­tion is al­ways de­ter­m­ined while bear­ing in mind the Regu­la­­tion of the Min­­istry of Justice from 22th October 2015 re­gard­ing fees for ac­­tions taken by leg­al ad­visors. These reg­u­la­­tions are avail­­able, among oth­­ers, at the side bar of our web­s­ite.

Lump sum re­mu­n­er­­a­­tion

This mod­­el of re­mu­n­er­­a­­tion is aimed at cor­­por­ate cus­tom­ers. With­in the monthly lump sum re­mu­n­er­­a­­tion our cli­ent ob­­tains full and per­­­man­ent leg­al help in the chosen area of our ser­­vices.

The re­mu­n­er­­a­­tion rate is de­ter­m­ined in­­di­vidu­ally and it de­pends on the range of tasks en­­trus­ted to us and an es­­­tim­ated num­ber of cases that will be re­­por­ted by the cli­ent.

This set­tle­­ment ac­­counts plan is ad­vant­age­ous be­­cause: we can guar­an­tee per­­­man­ent ac­­cess to leg­al ser­­vices;  we re­act promptly to find solu­­tions to prob­lems which min­im­ise the risk con­­nec­ted to the giv­en act­iv­ity. Lump of sum re­mu­n­er­­a­­tion gives a guar­an­tee of keep­­ing the costs for leg­al ser­­vices at the same level, ir­re­spect­ive of the num­ber of cases re­­por­ted to us.

The ad­di­­tion­al cost that may be con­­nec­ted to this form of set­tle­­ment is trans­­port to the court and to oth­­er au­thor­it­ies situ­ated out­­side the area of our leg­al of­fice, i.e. out­­side the city of Zielona Góra.

In­di­vidu­al cli­ents

In or­­der to de­ter­m­ine the re­mu­n­er­­a­­tion there are three ba­sic factors that are taken in­­to con­­sid­er­­a­­tion while deal­ing with cases which re­­quire an in­­di­vidu­al ap­­proach: the com­plex­ity of the leg­al is­sue; the value of the ob­ject of lit­ig­a­­tion; and an es­­­tim­ate for the amount of la­­bour needed to work the case.

The price for each ser­­vice is stated in the con­­tract made with our cli­ents.

One–off leg­al ad­vice

The price for one-off leg­al ad­vice is between 100 and 300 PLN de­pend­ing on the case com­plex­ity and on the amount of la­­bour re­­quired to solve the is­sue.

In or­­der to make an ap­­point­­ment, please con­­tact our re­­cep­­tion desk. All the con­­tact de­­tails are avail­­able in sec­­tion “con­­tact us”.

Hourly rate

This form of re­mu­n­er­­a­­tion is dir­ec­ted to both busi­­ness and in­­di­vidu­al cli­ents. The rate amount is stated in the con­­tract and it de­pends on the amount of time ded­ic­ated to solve the is­sues. This sort of re­mu­n­er­­a­­tion is mainly chosen by cli­ents who need im­me­di­ate, one-­­time leg­al help (leg­al ad­vice, a leg­al opin­ion in writ­ing, ver­i­fic­a­­tion of a con­­tract, tak­ing part in ne­go­ti­a­tions or deal­ing with a one-­­time case).

Upon com­ple­­tion of the case, our cli­ents re­­ceive a de­­tailed de­scrip­­tion of all the tasks un­­der­­­taken by our of­fice. It helps them to check the amount of la­­bour needed to ac­­com­plish the case.

Suc­­cess Fee

When it comes to cases where we ex­­pect to re­­cov­­er li­­ab­il­it­ies, the re­mu­n­er­­a­­tion may con­­s­ist of two ele­­ments, de­pend­ing on the agree­­ment.  One of these is a ba­sic re­mu­n­er­­a­­tion and the second is ad­di­­tion­al re­mu­n­er­­a­­tion, which is called a Suc­­cess Fee. The amount of both ele­­ments is de­ter­m­ined in the con­­tract signed by the cli­ent. We re­­ceive a Suc­­cess Fee only upon suc­­cess­­ful com­ple­­tion of the case, when the debt­or pays the amount ow­ing to our cli­ent.