A flex­ible ap­­proach to our cli­ent­s’ needs en­­­ables us to de­liv­er them a full range of leg­al ser­­vices.

A mod­­ern mod­­el of our leg­al of­fice is fo­­cused mostly on busi­­ness solu­­tions. The greatest em­phas­is is placed on the fact that we want to ac­­com­plish our com­mis­­sions in a prompt and thor­ough man­n­er and to com­plete the tasks en­­trus­ted to us ef­fi­­ciently (even those car­ried out re­­motely). Our cli­ents are from all over the coun­­try and we meet their needs as re­­quired. We of­fer them a new stand­ard of ser­­vice, ow­ing to the fact that we com­bine our know­ledge and ex­­per­­i­ence with the brand new telein­­form­at­ic tech­no­lo­­gies and our in­­nov­at­ive solu­­tions.

We spe­­cial­ise in:

  1. Com­mer­­­cial law
  2. Civil law
  3. Tax law
  4. Prop­erty law
  5. Fam­ily law
  6. Em­ploy­­ment law
  7. Ad­min­is­trat­ive law
  8. Public Pro­­cure­­ment law
  9. Copy­right and in­­tel­lec­tu­al prop­erty law

Our ser­­vices en­­­com­­pass:

  1. Legal con­­­sult­ing.
  2. De­liv­er­­ing leg­al ad­vice and con­­­sulta­­tions.
  3. Pre­­par­ing leg­al opin­ions.
  4. Form­ing part­n­er­­­ship com­pan­ies.
  5. Help­ing na­­tion­al and for­eign en­­tit­ies in buy­ing real es­­tate, in­­clud­ing risk as­­sess­­ments of the trans­ac­­tions, pre­­par­ing doc­u­­ment­a­­tion, al­low­ance of the ac­quis­i­­tion of real es­­tate by for­eign en­­tit­ies and tak­ing part in ne­go­ti­a­tions con­­nec­ted to this pro­­cess.
  6. Due di­li­­gence, re­gard­ing: leg­al, eco­­nom­ic and fin­an­­cial status of both part­n­er­­­ships and com­pan­ies, and oth­­er lar­ger as­­­sets as a part of busi­­ness trad­ing, in­­clud­ing real es­­tate.
  7. Elab­or­a­­tion and opin­ions on draft con­­tracts, art­icles of as­­so­­ci­a­tion, agree­­ments reached by cli­ents, de­­cisions and reg­u­la­­tions.
  8. Com­pil­ing  plead­ings.
  9. Filling out forms in re­­gis­tra­­tion pro­ceed­ings (Na­­tion­al Court Re­­gister).
  10. Tak­ing part in ne­go­ti­a­tions and me­di­a­tions.
  11. Speak­­ing be­­fore a com­­mon and ad­min­is­trat­ive court and be­­fore pub­­l­ic ad­min­is­tra­­tion bod­ies.
  12. Con­­duct­ing cases in elec­tron­ic writ-of-pay­­ment pro­ceed­ings (so-c­alled E-­­court).